Analisa Teachworth Painting / Sculpture Alter

Solo Exhibition: Alter

Kunstverein Kevin Space
Vienna, Austria
March 25 – May 13, 2023

Curator: Franziska Wildfoerster
Asst. Curator: Michal Leszuk

Cura Magazine

Mousse Magazine

Kunstverein Kevin Space, Vienna, is pleased to announce Alter, the first solo exhibition by multidisciplinary artist Analisa Teachworth in Austria. Through a new series of paintings and sculptural architecture / site-specific installations, the exhibition formulates multiple entry points into uncharted and liminal spaces. Alter expands the artist's investigation into the relationships between experience, spatiality, borders, and place.

Teachworth's practice, research, and writing, which have been conscientiously developed over the past ten years, address the collective liminal states, contextualizing intersections of disembodiment and invigorating emptiness. Through an elaborate visual language that nurtures symbiotic—though unanticipated—relationships with other human, non-human, and more-than-human beings, her work negotiates the undocumented oral knowledge and unwritten information as a form of personal mythology of world-building.

Through her practice that spans paintings, sculptures, installations, sound, and digital media, Teachworth compellingly opens up the possibilities of absorptive processes of materialization, simultaneously questioning the production of meaning and knowledge. Hence, her works rather resemble the formats of portals, where the concepts of juxtaposition between "natural" vs. "artificial," "human" vs. "non-human," and "social" vs. "technological" have space to be negotiated and tested rather than embedded in a fixed place. With her textual examination of the variabilities, Teachworth acknowledges the intimate interconnection of all bodies.

Text: Kunstverein Kevin Space