Analisa Teachworth Performance Dependency Demographics
Dependency Demographics

Dependency Demographics
Performance: 1 hour

Exhibition: Festival of Future Nows
Presented by The Institut Rür Raumexperimente
Hamburger Bahnhof Museum
Berlin, Germany, 2017

Photographic documentation
Photography courtesy Jonas Wendelin
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Dependency Demographics is a performance and installation progressing through Hamburger Bahnhof, originating outside in the back of the museum and concluding in the front garden. Occurring twice within this space, one cycle of the performance spans the entirety of the main hall. This performance puts into concert a multitude of elements including physical choreography, digital appliance, sculptural installation, to present a disturbing timeline of social and technological progress, regression, and hypothetical empathy.

Dependency Demographics is a collaboration with Jonas Wendelin. An iPhone with a 3D-rendered video displaying the performer's face is taped to the performer's head. The company of performers migrates two aluminum architectures (travois), transporting a multitude of blue ceramic vessels through Hamburger Bahnhof. Through the digital embodiment, the journey presents a nomadic choreographed performance and installation depicting a fictional, forthcoming, yet prehistoric narrative of geopolitical trajectories.

When placed in a public context, the cellular device affixed to the skull functions as both a visual and audio mechanism, describing the narrative of each character's story as well as chorographical guidance to the performer and surrounding audience members. The gesture of forcibly tapping the device on the head reconfigures natural body language and inhibits the performer from using sight as a guide. Over the course of one hour, 5 performers observe a unique character; their names/narratives are listed as follows: Obedience, Violence, Giving, Reliance, Stillness

The fictional digital testimonies were created using each performer's unique voice. Text dialogue is fragmented with personal lyric recorded interviews and, at times, synced by collective laughter. Each performer shares a personal set of language on past/future realities and the relationship between bodily experience and the social experience of technology.

Projections of the performer's enlarged disembodied heads surrounded the gallery walls. The troupe has a choreographed pathway through the architecture, but once a camp is set, a liquid referred to as The Colony ( an unidentifiable white liquid blend of flavor and texture) is prepared and offered to the audience to consume.

Included performers: Spencer Seblan, Katrice Dustin, Daniela Schmidtke, Jonas Wendelin, Kathrin Messerschmidt, Analisa Teachworth