Analisa Teachworth Installation / Video Anthem of Flowers
Anthem of Flowers

Group Exhibition: Living Content, Gems for the Garden

Museum Botanical Garden of Bucharest
Dimitrie Brândză, Bucharest, Romania
September 8, 2023

Curator: Adrianan Blidaru
Asst Curator: Tatiana Moise


"Anthem of Flowers" is a sound installation exhibited at Bucharest National Botanical Garden - Dimitrie Brândză. A speaker system housed within a car typically used for street events projects surround sound. In this case, sound is the central element; multiple loudspeakers play deliberate vibration patterns to craft an immersive soundscape composed by the artist. The sounds in the installation come from various sources, including field recordings, found recordings, and the artist's recordings, resulting in a unique and powerful auditory experience for the garden's visitors.

Gems for the Garden - an exhibition by Living Content in Bucharest, Romania. Through curious sculptures, immersive sound installations, and bewitching videos, each artist delivers a delightful interaction with the scenery. The practices draw inspiration from a multitude of topics, ranging from the intricacies of plant life and ecological systems to old customs that used to define humanity's relationship with nature, to systems that further damaged this relationship.

Thus, the exhibition weaves together multiple threads of significance beyond contemporary art. Firstly, it emphasizes the ingrained restorative and myth-making roles that both art and nature have traditionally played in our lives. Secondly, it explores fresh perspectives on the relationship between the two, and how they can mutually enhance one another in public spaces. Most importantly, Gems! for the Garden is an invitation to reflect on the magic that flora and fauna can bring to our everyday life in urban environments.