Analisa Teachworth Installation / Video Birds

Video / Sound installation: 13 Min

Exhibition: Screen Spaces - A Geography of Moving Image
Nieuwe Instituut, Netherlands presents
Baxter Street Camera Club, New York City,
December, 2018

Curator: Vere Van Gool


Birds is a multichannel projection-based video/sound piece highlighting a room's unique architectural qualities, consisting of a series of self-portrait videos accompanied by speakers. Dissected moving images fold the footage over room edges, warping content and moving the peripheral surroundings into a digital moment. Arranged video placement accentuates a room's unique structure, illuminating angles, shadows, and unevenness, revealing space itself and manipulating video into the sculptural/physical form.

The installation video depicts the artist's contemplative exchange with living birds, capturing an exchange, a moment of intimacy, in a nondescript space where the intersections of a stage are carved out. As these finches mount in her hands, their song explores the ritualistic significance of these remote collective beings. The birds' songs share vocal features as most of the acoustic differences they can achieve are due to the region and parameter of space where they operate. Therefore, the song differs in different areas, like the digital projection. The chamber where the birds were recorded captures their unique choir within the space. Their songs echo throughout the installation.