Analisa Teachworth Painting / Sculpture Fish Soda
Fish Soda

Fish Soda: Ongoing

Group Exhibition: La Usurpadora
Abrazo Interno Gallery, New York, NY

Materials: Porcelain, acrylic, cowskin, plastic, fabric, cornichons, peppers, garlic, flowers, granite, metal, paint, found objects, hand-written texts

Fish Soda includes several sculptures made from various recycled materials, mainly found/repurposed objects, such as rock, dried animal skin, food, plastic, ceramic, resin, and fabric.

The tradition of marking personal and family history with a symbolic/ritual occult object in Puerto Rico is a historical thread. Iconography, particular objects honor ancestors and the earth's experience, while sculpture as sentiment marks time through material as a reference point for a significant occurrence or transformation.

As an act of remembrance, you find these objects in most Borinquen homes, typically made of porcelain and paper flowers held in wooden cabinetry. In this unique space, the figurines are commonly integrated into everyday space, admired by the owner, and signifers to visitors. They stand to commemorate significance, reflecting on the past that reminds us of who we are. Craft artifact pays tribute to the Caribbean and Afro-Caribbean religions, deities, nostalgia, and erasure through sculptural assemblage.